Bando urban dictionary

An abandoned house, term used mainly in the hood. Typically located in the hood or a bad area of town. Often used to trap or sell narcotics out of. Also may be used as a stash house to store drugs or other illegal paraphernalia such as guns and money. To trap means to sell drugs and bando is an abandoned house so it basically means to sell drugs at and abandoned house.

Selling illegal narcotics out of an abandoned house. Get a leaning out the bando mug for your cat Yasemin. The act of, or a person who parties all night, then continues through the next day, and then straight through the second night without sleeping (or sometimes showering).

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Bandolero may refer to: ▫ Banditry in Spain ▫ Bandolero! Search their meanings on the urban dictionary ). FOR FULL SWEEPSTAKES RULES, HEAD TO BANDO. Many of these words are slang , words that may not have existed pre-hip-hop (or arguably they exist because hip hop). This is a story about how we got. A list of common slang words, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and internet forums.

What the hell is a Bando ? Click on a word to see its definition. But personally, my favorite slang terms are the ones that have legitimate meanings in everyday English, and represent something completely different in hip-hop songs. Made popular by atl rappers such as ( Peewee Longway , Jose Guapo , and Migos ). Migos, 2Chainz, Fetty Wap and other subpar rap . Listen to the fastest spreading hip hop sensation Panda by Desiigner and read the song meaning breakdown and analysis by us. Stop putting the pussy on a pedestal . My little cousin asked me what a bando was and I was Pardon?

Hitting off licks in the bando. Black X Phantom White Xlooks like a panda. CTD is internet slang for “Crash To Desktop”, somebody is going to kill the clothing designer Bathing Ape.