Edelkrone sliderone

App controlled camera motion control system in your backpack. Ultra-portable, motorized DSLR slider for real-time, motion time-lapse and macro videos. SliderONE PRO – Best camera slider is the ONE you always have with you.

A small amount of movement can go a long way to bringing a sense of depth to your shots. Edelkrone has established a glowing reputation as builders of thoughtful, premium camera stability and slider products. Here is our in-depth review after spending six weeks with this professional, . That same ingenuity has guided the development of . A hint of the SmallHD monitor too.

Edelkrone is a video accessory company known for making sliders capable of big motion in compact sizes. Edelkrone recently announced the new SliderOne Pro, Wing Pro, and second-generation Wing. All three expand movement options, . Last year, they added motors and motion control. Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone has done it again – it created what it calls the smallest slider in the world.

Długość slidera jest dobrana tak, by dać możliwość tworzenia fantastycznych ujęć z ruchem kamery i efektem paralaksy przy zachowaniu kompaktowych rozmiarów szyny. Wysokiej jakości materiały i precyzyjny montaż. Edelkrone SliderONE to innowacyjny slider, który mieści się w torbie fotograficznej. This nifty thing showed up a couple of days ago.

Have been playing with it today and I really like it. Its sweet to have it pretty much permanently sitting on the tripod. That way Im never to lazy to bring along a slider. Did a quick revive as well.

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Find great deals on eBay for Edelkrone in Camera Tripod Stabilizers. Watch LaterRemove Cinema Mode. Does smaller mean I will use it more?