Supply chain management master

First, due to global demographic changes, goods must be increasingly produced and sold in growth markets, and new products must be created to increase the offerings in . Agricultural Production Chain Management. Este Master está estructurado para que seas capaz de cubrir todas las necesidades de gestión, control y seguimiento de las estrategias de logística ¡ Infórmate! The supply chain covers everything from the intake of raw materials used to make products, to the delivery of finished goods to customers. Students learning about supply chain management learn . The SCMr Program is designed for early-career supply chain professionals who want to return to school to receive advance specialized training. In the first year you are required to take 7 . Design, implement, and manage competitive supply chain processes within and across organizational boundaries.

You will gain the theoretical, practical and managerial skills to implement . Our program provides students with an inter-disciplinary perspective, . Este máster proporciona las herramientas necesarias para aumentar la competitividad . The main focus of our programme is on professional services industries, making this an unrivalled degree specialization in the Netherlands and in Europe. The MSCM program blends supply chain concepts like sourcing, . Business need experts in the fiel so why not you? The academic calendar runs from September through June. The master programme has been created in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute . A supply chain can be seen as a network of organisations working together to carry out customer orders.

It is a flow of materials, information and services. Our courses are designed to give students both solid theoretical knowledge and “hands-on” practical experience. They also offer many feature guest . The field of supply chain management is one of the fastest-growing areas in business today! Supply Chain Management is mainly concerned with the efficient integration of activities, resources and . Supply chain management is the central nervous system of the world economy.

Estimates indicate employment in the area of supply chain logistics may increase by 21. Become the leader you are meant to be. In a rigorous one-year program designed for working professionals, students cultivate an end-to-end understanding of supply chains, enhance their leadership.

It combines a thorough education in relevant theories and state-of-the-art methods and techniques with a transdisciplinary and integrated view to gain a deeper understanding of supply chain related decision problems from a performance perspective. Lo que serás capaz de hacer… Desarrollarás las competencias clave de la Dirección de Operaciones y adoptarás las herramientas necesarias para mejorar la competitividad de la empresa desde el ámbito de las operaciones y la gestión de la cadena de suministro, tanto en el ámbito general como en alguna de sus . The program gives you the flexibility to learn on your schedule. Firms are interested in individuals who have sound business skills, . One important way a company can improve its competitiveness is to apply supply chain management (SCM).

This programme helps students develop their skills in purchasing, logistics, marketing, transport and general management. Today, the logistics sector is continuously increasing worldwide and supply chain functions are rapidly gaining importance in international companies.